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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A

Our philosophy is to stick to the real need of the business.

 All our trainings are tailored  to the context and our clients' expectations . Thus, they are all Unique and Specific.

The main training ways of Ad Res ConseiL are :

  • Mergers and Acquisitions fundamentals
  • Search for companies (external growth), 
  • Lead a job interview,
  • Become a sales and marketing person,
  • Manage a team,
  • Business start-up, 
  • Business Plan,
  • Quality in the company,
  • Communication tools in the business,
  • . . .

Trainings are structured with the business running expectations :

  • Theorical training : Enable the trainee to understand the whole lesson and to put it into practice within the company
  • Functional support training: Ad Res ConseiL supports the trainees when he put into practice his lesson in concrete cases.
  • Action training : Ad Res ConseiL structures its lessons in order to practice each theory point in the company issue. At the end of the training, the trainee has comprehended the lesson and put it into practice with concrete cases of his company.. 

Who is concerned by our training ?

  • Ad Res ConseiL has a speciality in individual training for business management,
  • The public concerned is the whole company staff, usually organized in-group of 6 people.

The procedure

  • Trainings last from one day to several days (consecutive or not),
  • The place of training is within the company, in the Ad Res ConseiL office or in premises used for that purpose,
  • Ad Res ConseiL has a number of'accreditations that enable the french firms to enjoy partial or total refund of the training.


All our practices have a confidential and contractual nature