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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A

We offer Dataroom services adapted to each situation.

 Specialized in M&A with a strong expertise in computing, this service, a result of our experience, becomes essential.


  • When selling a business or assets, it is necessary to communicate a large volume of information to the buyer. 
  • Mailing does not allow a structured, secure and controlled communication of all these documents.  
  • It is much more practical to put all the files in an Internet environment, available with a password.

Benefits of a DATAROOM ?

  • All buyers get the same ijnformation during a precise periode,
  • We know what has been consulted and by who,
  • Informations are organized, retrievable very quickly and available 24/7.

Who is concerned by this DATAROOM ?

  • Sellers advised by Ad Res Conseil,
  • Sellers wishing to sell without support,
  • Colleagues consultancy needing a technical infrastructure for their clients.

A DATAROOM content :

  • A secure environment to store and manage data,
  • An access permission management with password,
  • Support to create one's Dataroom on Internet,
  • Support for documents scanning,
  • Un Support to build one's Dataroom (What to put inside?)

All our practices have a confidential and contractual nature.