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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A

We are a Business Management consulting firm.

We support, assist and guide the management of companies and SMEs/SMIs.

As part of Business Management issues :

  • Business Management coaching,
  • Market analysis, internal audit, cost control,
  • Organization, outsourcing, 
  • Marketing practices, communication, 
  • Management of human resources, Recruitment,
  • Implementation of individual or collective objectives,
  • Quality, Sustainable development,  
  • Computing and Information Systems, 
  • Temporary Business Management... 

Beyond audits and consultancy, we support you in solutions implementation.

Benefits :

  • External consultancy able to reappraise your habits,
  • Bring know-how implemented in various activities,
  • Delegate tasks that you have no time to do,
  • Receive experiences, methods and tools that already proved their value,
  • Get pragmatic, realistic and functional solutions,
  • Have an interlocutor who understands manager issues.

All our practices have a confidential and contractual nature.