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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A

Our main activity is Mergers & Acquisitions

We bring together firms and/or individuals having complementary targets, one is to sell a business and the other is to buy one.

We are working from :

  • Our network,
  • Our own databases,
  • Our economic basis,
  • Our analysis and valuation tools
  • Our web site and our specialized communication channels, 
  • Our mailing, faxing and phoning
  • Our direct approaches ,
  • Our partnerships with other consultancies and institutions, . .

 Our flexibilty enables us to adapt to our clients.

Our services :

  • Train sellers and buyers for M&A,
  • Valuation of the firm,
  • Prepare the firm to be sold and build a sale document, 
  • Define potential targets, 
  • Identify, find and approach targets, 
  • Select and filter targets,
  • Frame the deal and the exchanges,
  • Drive bargains, 
  • Find funding,
  • Support the sale until the final handover. 

All our practices have a  confidential and contractual nature.