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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A

We are a consulting firm in Business Management, specialized in M&A.

Ad Res Conseil was created in 2004 spurred on by Roland Vacheron, in order to support the companies management.

Indeed, managers are often alone to run their business. It may be difficult to find the right skills within the firm to build up its future. Our expertise in strategy, management, accounting, business, quality, audit and information systems gives us assets to understand all issues of company leaders.

M&A services, which are the main part of our activity, have been formed around a statement of facts that sellers and buyers have great troubles to :

  • Find a partner able to lead them on the full set of their M&A issue :
    • Reflection in decision making,
    • Prepare the approach and launch the operation,
    • Select and manage candidates,
    • Drive negociations, frame, protocols and audits,
    • Help funding and support after the operation 
  • Understand the actors' role and involvement around M&A :
    • Intermediary consultancy,
    • Accountants, auditors,
    • Layers, notary public, consular chambers,
    • Associations, trainings, networks,
    • Banks, investors,
    • Website announcements,  . . .
  • Get into focus and set priorities for the necessary actions to optimize the M&A.  

The spirit of Ad Res ConseiL

Our fundamental values: Clients, Quality, Men.
The key words of our way of work : Service, Adaptability, Flexibility, Efficiency and Speed.

Thence our firm's name and motto : 
Ad Res ConseiL coming from "Consilium ad res nec optium", latin sentence meaning: "We advise you on essentials, and nothing else"